cutters and embossers
Rotary Die Cutter

With 40 years experience, RDCTM produces excellent quality rotary dies for productions lines involved in the sectors of hygienic disposable, plastic, nonwoven, paper and similar. We procure heavy duty and long lasting tooling units for the best efficiency of your machines.
Carbide hard materials employed as well in our supplies.
Our products:

  • Cross cutting units;
  • Anatomic shaping units;
  • Pressing & embossing units;
  • Crimping units;
  • Engraving rollers for ultrasonic welding;
  • Under vacuum cylinders and cu t& place units;
  • Rotary dies for sanitary napkins, panty shields, diapers, plasters, paper manufacturing with shapes upon request or advised by our technical department;
  • Rectification, test and re-sharpening center.